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So, you're a Family Member! Now What?

Let's link your loyalty account (Family Member Rewards) to your Online Ordering Account. We know, it would be nice if they were one in the same. Until they are, here are the steps to make sure they are connected. We want to be sure you receive all of the points that you earn!


1. Log in to your Family Member loyalty account HERE. While viewing your account, you should see the blue box in the upper right hand corner. Copy or write down your 14 digit account number. **Don't use the pizzachiefs numbers. You'll earn zero points, and he will never use the rewards dollars!**

login or create (2).png

2. Head over to our Online Ordering site by clicking HERE. You will either log in to your existing Ordering account, or create a new account if you've never ordered before or usually just check out as a guest. THEN- Click "My Account" in the upper right area of the screen! It will appear once you've logged in.


3. Once you are viewing "My Account", CLICK "My Profile in the upper right area of the screen!

Screenshot (5).png

4. Type or Paste your 14 digit loyalty account number in the box notated with the red arrow. Then, Click UPDATE! You should be all set, and all future Online Orders that you make while logged in will earn you points!

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