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Donate Meals to Local Families!

We created a project in February designed to send heart shaped pizzas to the local hospital staff on Valentine's Day. We took donations in, and used the funds to send 50 pizzas to Boca Raton Regional Hospital that day!

Recently, we thought, why not keep this going? It could turn into an awesome, easy way for our customers to give back. 


We will be accepting donations in any amount, and we will turn those into Tomasso's Gift Cards. Those gift cards will be given to Boca Helping Hands and, in turn, to local families.


Redeemable for all menu items, the gift cards will be indistinguishable from those purchased by customers, so our community members need not feel embarassed to use them. 

Please CLICK HERE to donate to our project via PayPal.

Thank you for your participation!

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